Simple label application systems, or systems with 1 or more axes according to customer specifications. 

Applications in the field of wood, marble, glass, metal, cardboard.

Thermal transfer or direct printing system. Printing labels of paper, PVC or polypropylene or other material on request. Print labels RFID.

The strengths recognized by our customers are:

·           Simplicity and speed of integration with the customer system

·           Print LAYOUT customization using free software

·           Possibility of printing infinite dynamic / variable fields:


Ø  BARCODE, QR, ecc…

Ø  IMAGES (reference to file path image on dynamic field and “just in time” print, without the need to preload them in the printer)

Ø  Possibility to vary the LAYOUT “just in time” through a dynamic field


  • X axis length: 5500 mm
  • Y axis length: 3500 mm
  • Working height Z: 930-980 mm
  • Average cycle for full label application: 8÷12 labels / minute (depending on the work mode and printing speed)
  • Minimum positioning accuracy: +/- 2 mm
  • Minimum positioning repetitiveness: +/- 2 mm
  • Maximum speed of X axis movement: 1 m/sec
  • Maximum speed of Y axis movement: 1,5 m/sec
  • Drives by brushless motors
  • Structure in aluminum profile
  • Rack movement
  • Pneumatic applicator for labels picking and drop off
  • Applicable label dimensions: from 40×40 to 100×140 (WxL) mm
  • Separate electrical panel + standard cable gaunt 3 mt
  • Vacuum sensor to confirm label picking and drop off
  • Panel cleaning blow at the point of application
  • 90° mechanical rotation of label
  • Management of the processing cycle, 1 parking position (X=0)
  • Hardware signals doubled with positive logic for parking / outside working area
  • Printer maintenance position at selectable height
  • Optimization of application trajectories
  • Automatic management of application limits


  • Command integration and messaging with customer supervisor
  • Management of external commands on INPUT / OUTPUT as required (7 IN / 6 OUT max)
  • Machine management and control software
  • LAN communication (n.2 required IPs)
  • Print LAYOUT customization using ZEBRADESIGNER free software
  • Possibility of printing infinite dynamic / variable fields:
    • TEXT
    • BARCODE, QR, etc…
    • IMAGES (reference to image file path on dynamic field and “just in time” print, without the need to preload them on the printer)
  • Possibility to vary “just in time” the LAYOUT through a dynamic field


  • ZEBRA ZT410 industrial thermal transfer printer connected to the general supervisor on which the PC resides with the label editing software
  • Orientation: right or left
  • Industrial construction completely in metal
  • Applicator interface

Maximum print area

  • Width: 100 mm
  • Length: 140 mm


  • 8 dot per mm (203 dpi)

 Maximum printing speed

  • 140 mm per second




  • Label and support width: from 40 to 100 mm – internal core rot. 76 mm
  • Supports thickness (label and support): from 0,148 mm to 0,254 mm
  • Support types: Die-cut with glue
  • Possibility of using thermal labels (thermal transfer without ribbon)


  • Maximum roll dimensions: 108 mm of external diameter on 25.4 mm core
  • Standard length: Capacity of 400 m
  • Ribbon type: Ribbon with inked outer part (the width of the ribbon must be at least equal to that of the support)

All features can be changed on customer request

  • Print on cubic, static or moving products
  • Application size up to 300 x 150 mm
  • Printer support and applicator entirely in aluminum
  • Tilting applicator system consisting of 2 pneumatic cylinders
  • Integrated electrical panel housing
  • Integrated I / O exchange signals
  • Applicator management manual buttons